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Recognize, though, that the choice to distribute intensively, selectively, or exclusively is a strategic decision based on many factors such as the nature of the brand, the types and number of competitors, and the availability of retail choices.

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Most solutions come with tools for measuring foot traffic, dwell time, and more, enabling retailers to gather data and further get to know their customers and their store.


Drop Shipping: a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep products in stock, but rather transfers customer orders to the producer to fulfill and ship directly to the customer. For example, the retailer might provide a call center or offer live chat.

The merchant sets aside some money to replace the assets once they deplete their lifespan. Some producers do not want to take the responsibility, or spend the time or money to sell their goods, but they are prepared to handle many other marketing functions. Hire yourself and start calling the shots.


An employee of a company, be it a WD or Jobber, who is responsible for maintaining the inventory of a product for resale. Your job as a salesperson is to tease out these objections, and then overcome them through your powers of persuasion and the various sales tools you have at your disposal.

Same Standard Applies to Intrastate and Interstate Retailers.