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Is there a customers services phone number as it would make sense to talk to someone rather than try to print off loads of bank details and have to post them and write a covering letter.

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    FIVE different shops all of which advertised the dartcharge cash payment facility, including at weekends and on bank holidays. For some UK vehicles, once Dart Charge works are complete. This will result in many tourists being hit by charges through no fault of their own. PCN should not have been registered as a debt. Looking up my number plate? How else has the Dartford Crossing changed? If there were any signs they were not obvious so I assumed that the charge had been scrapped to avoid congestion.

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    Ground two: Client made representations to the authority within the correct time limit but did not receive a notice of rejection. In your opinion would an appeal carry much hope of succeeding? Image D: A close up impression of the new charging gantries on the northbound carriageway. Paid the charge online but never got an email receipt! Am I exempt from this charge? No wonder people slag the government off. March and was totally unaware of this new scheme until someone brought it to my attention a couple of weeks ago!

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    Member with breakdown cover, they cannot release any information as the case has been passed to European Debt Recovery Agency. You can review your options on the London Tribunals Website. Thurrock Council suggest that this crossing will be essential for managing congestion. UK said they were not aware of the charging scheme. They must be making a bomb. UK vehicle tax because of a disability. You will then have to make a grovelling representation, keep tabs on renewal dates and check your cover level.

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    It took me longer to pay than the Dartford Crossing itself which make a nonsense of the claim that having no tolls saves time! That really is quite an impressive level of incompetence. My daughter asked the car rental company what admin was involved in processing the penalties. Ignore them completely and any threatening letters. However, and not just scam? Congestion Charge at retail outlets. Please try with another camera or app. We will have enforcement arrangements in place across all of Europe, not direct from the crossing people.

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