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This is a huge help because it means you can make design decisions virtually rather than in reality, which could save you time and money compared to if you jumped straight in to physically landscaping your garden and made a mistake.

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Looking to solve a slope, add privacy, or create a better backyard for entertaining friends and family? Use geometry to give your yard a classic feel. Organic fertilizers may act as soil amendments and conditioners. Are you hoping to use your yard for outdoor entertaining? Planting Guide to come up!

Chinese gardens have buildings in the center of the garden, occupying a large part of the garden space. Early planting gives good coverage and growth. The serenity of a Japanese landscape and the simple but deliberate structures of the Japanese gardens are what truly make the gardens unique. Choose furniture that is multifunctional and small in scale. What it does have is the ability to add your own plants, and control how they appear. Green manure crops are plowed under green for their beneficial effect on soil.